A New Data Layer

Simperium is a service for developers to move data
everywhere it's needed, instantly and automatically.

We deal with data

Use a Simperium library and write a few lines of code. Simperium can then move any JSON data across multiple versions of your app and your backend services.

Our hosted service manages persistence, security, conflicts, scaling, versioning, and backups.

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Make users happy

Your users will never have to wait for network connections or a server response again.

With full offline support, Simperium instantly moves changes at the first available opportunity. Only data that changes gets sent, so it's fast and efficient.

Build unique backend services

Simperium can move data to and from your own backend services to give you complete control.

Host your own services or use providers like Heroku to mirror your data, perform analytics, validate changes, send notifications and more. Works great with other services like Twilio and Urban Airship.


Over a million users trust Simperium to securely move their valuable personal information with Simplenote.

Data must never be lost. Uptime is essential. Moving data is our core specialty.

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Add Simperium to your app with a few lines of code.